Complementary Medicine Clinic™ in Newbridge

Bernadette Doyle is the force behind Healing Hands Complementary Medicine Clinic in Newbridge. With over 25 years’ experience, she is expert in numerous forms of massage including sports massage, Oncology massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, pre-natal and post-natal massage, Indian head massage and lymphatic drainage massage. She is an experienced practitioner of reflexology, dry needling and Hopi ear-candling.

Bernadette is mobile! Check out her well-being services for workplaces, nursing homes and hospices.

I Specialise in
  • Sports injuries
  • Sub-fertility through reflexology
  • Sinus problems and headaches
  • Arthritis
  • R.L.D. (for Lymphedema and cosmetic surgeries)
  • Cancer Care
  • Oncology Massage
  • Sound Therapy and Sound Baths
I Treat
  • Stress / depression
  • Pregnancy
  • Digestive problems
  • Babies and children
  • Testy teens
  • Exam anxiety
Healing Hands is Mobile
  • Massage/reflexology for patients/staff in nursing homes and hospices
  • Massage/reflexology for patients/staff in hospitals
  • RSI clinic for workplaces
  • Focus on workplace stress
  • On-site massage for workplaces
  • Sound Baths

I Just Don't Feel Right

You’re here because you think complementary medicine might offer a solution. Maybe you’ve tried traditional medicine and are not seeing the improvement you’d hoped for. Perhaps you’ve been to a physio more times than you’d care to remember and are running out of patience or maybe you just don’t feel quite yourself and aren’t sure why.

So can Bernadette help? The answer is yes. You don’t even have to know which therapy you want. Because she is skilled in a wide range of therapies, she can help you choose the most beneficial treatment for your particular circumstances.

You’ll find the calm, relaxing environment of her clinic a good environment in which to start your healing.

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Healing Hands™ is not just a clever brand name. Bernadette chose that name for her business because so many people tell her that her hands have healing qualities.

Bernadette has been putting those healing hands to good use for two decades, but she does not rely solely on her own innate instinct.

She has the perfect combination of experience, certified skills and that intangible quality that really makes a complementary therapy practitioner stand out from the average – she is one of the world’s carers.

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