Specialised Deep Tissue Massage

There is nothing quite like a really good deep-tissue massage for the relief of muscle pain and tension. Why does it work so well? Deep-tissue manipulation is a type of massage therapy that focuses on re-aligning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. Some of the strokes used come from classic Swedish massage therapy, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.


How does Deep Tissue Manipulation work?

Deep Tissue Massage in NewbridgeWhen there is chronic muscle tension or injury, there are usually adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) in muscle, tendons and ligaments. Adhesions can block circulation and cause pain, limited movement and inflammation.

Deep-tissue manipulation works by physically breaking down these adhesions and releasing toxins to relieve pain and restore normal movement – people often notice an improved range of motion immediately after a deep-tissue massage.

It’s important to note that this is not a relaxing massage; it is aimed at easing pain and tension in specific areas and while it can be very beneficial, it doesn’t fall into the pampering category!

Conditions which most benefit from deep-tissue manipulation:

  •  Anxiety, stress and depression
  •  Back conditions
  •  Chronic pain
  •  Headaches
  •  Limited mobility
  •  Musculo-skeletal (muscle and bone) disorders
  •  Neck problems
  •  Neurological conditions
  •  Post-plastic surgery
  •  Injuries such as whiplash, falls, sports injury and many more

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