Aromatherapy Massage

The origin of the word aromatherapy explains its use; aroma meaning fragrance or smell, and therapy meaning treatment. I massage with rich-smelling pure essential and absolute* oils to restore psychological and physical well-being.


It may seem hard to believe but the oils employed in this holistic treatment can have a profound effect on the mind, body and emotions when used correctly and safely.

Essential oils give plants their scent. They are steam-distilled or cold-pressed from flowers, fruit, bark and roots from a wide assortment of plants, many with specific healing or health-giving qualities. Essential oils are very clean and are quickly absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream, making them ideal for massage.

Massage itself has a powerful effect on the body and the emotions and, combined with the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, can have a very invigorating or deeply relaxing effect on the client.

*absolute oils are oils extracted in a particular way from more delicate plants

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