Post-Natal Massage

After delivery, distended muscle can be more quickly returned to its normal state with post-natal massage. Structural homeostasis – the state of stable physiological equilibrium between interdependent elements – will return to your body as the blood circulation and lymphatic systems are gently stimulated. Benefits to new mothers include hormone regulation, reduced swelling, better sleep and improved breastfeeding.


One of the main attractions of post-partum massage is that it involves some valuable ‘me time’ for new mothers. You get to relax, take a break from the caring, and enjoy being looked after by someone else.

How soon after the birth of my baby can I have a massage?
Providing that you feel well and have had a normal delivery, you can enjoy a massage after six weeks. However, if you’ve had a Caesarean section or difficult birth, wait until your 12-week check-up. If you get the all-clear, book your massage!

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