Focus on Workplace Stress

Workpace Stress

Workplace stress and how to avoid it, with practical exercises


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Workplace stress is the scourge of many organisations today. While the stress we experience before a major event at work, say an important presentation, or a job interview, is very obvious, many workers don’t realise that chronic stress is behind ailments they may be experiencing – neck pain, back pain, jaw pain from grinding their teeth, fatigue due to poor sleeping, feeling run down, eating badly and not getting as much enjoyment out of life as they used to.

How it Works

I can come into your workplace and give a presentation on workplace stress focused on practical ways to address it. Depending on the time available, I can teach your employees relaxation and mindfulness techniques, giving them a toolbox of techniques they can use to combat stress.

Often the very acknowledgement by management that staff may be experiencing stress is enough to spark positive action by the individuals affected.

The presentation works well in combination with on-site massage to really make the staff feel listened to and appreciated.

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