Pre-Natal Massage

Pre-Natal Massage is not recommended during the first trimester.

Pregnancy is a time of extra stress on the joints, including the neck and shoulders. Lower back tension can be a factor no matter what the trimester. Pre-Natal Massage is an important part of the health regime of any mother-to-be.


Benefits of Pre-Natal Massage

Swedish Massage addresses the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts during pregnancy, with some positive effects. It can:

  •  Reduce anxiety
  •  Decrease symptoms of depression
  •  Relieve muscle aches and joint pains
  •  Improve labour outcomes and newborn health
  •  Reduce swelling, through better lymphatic drainage
  •  Ease sciatic nerve pain

Check with your doctor before having a Pre-Natal Massage if you fall into these categories:

  •  High-risk pregnancy
  •  Pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH)
  •  Pre-eclampsia
  •  Previous pre-term labour
  •  Experiencing severe swelling, high blood pressure, or sudden, severe headaches
  •  Recently gave birth

If you think that Pre-Natal Massage could help you or you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me on 086 3893413

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