<span>, Kildare</span>
"I absolutely love my appointments with Bernadette and I really look forward to them.  I’ve been attending Healing Hands for several years now but only recently experienced Bernadette’s Sound Therapy.  It was so relaxing and I felt the benefit of it days later.  I always experience renewed energy levels after a reflexology session but with added sound therapy too I feel so much lighter, less stiff, and less stressed.  I would highly recommend Bernadette for any of her vast array of treatments.  All the treatments, the environment, and Bernadette herself, both as a person and a professional, are so tranquil, warm, and welcoming."
- Sinéad, Kildare
<span>, Naas </span>
"I was surprised at how relaxed and zen I felt after attending Bernadette’s Sound Therapy session. I am very in tune with holistic therapies and regularly for reflexology but I have to admit I was still sceptical as to how I would benefit from the sound therapy.  In my hectic and fast paced life, I find it extremely difficult to relax but I found the sound therapy very powerful and it had a profound effect on my mind and body. The sound therapy coupled with the reflexology treatment was amazing and I could not rate either treatment high enough.

A word of warning, in relation to the Sound Therapy it’s essential to approach the experience with an open mind and a willingness to let go of any preconceived notions or expectations. The benefits and the effects of a wellbeing are worth it.
I have signed up for a course as I think it will really help me reduce my stress levels."
- Martina, Naas
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I’ve recently been a client of Bernadette for sound therapy and reflexology. The sound therapy is really incredible, it brings you to a place of deep deep relaxation it’s not like anything else I’ve experienced and after the treatment, I’ve found myself to feel more grounded, eneergized, sleep has improved greatly, The reflexology is another incredible treatment, this promotes healing through massage of pressure points in your feet. Since doing this treatment I’ve a lot of my menopausal symptoms have improved including less headaches, joint pain and have a general feeling of well-being that I haven’t had in years. I have also received deep tissue massage for migraines/headaches and for muscle aches and pains from Bernadette. If you are looking for someone in the Kildare area I could not recommend Bernadette more, she is a natural healer and her clinic is always spotlessly clean warm and welcoming."
- Fidelma, Newbridge
<span>, Naas</span>
"I first went to Bernadette for reflexology when I was expecting my first child – that was 24 years ago have been going to her since! Throughout all that time I have been able to re-boot my energy levels and train of thought with it. Having a family, running a very busy business and looking after everyone naturally brings its stress and strain to the body both mentally and physically. I cannot express how beneficial her reflexology has been for me and I recently had the chance to try sound bath with Bernadette and could not get over how much energy I had after it. I always know when I need to go for reflexology as my body will tell me and without fail Bernadette always delivers in the most professional and relaxed manner."
- Mary, Naas
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I am so pleased to have met Bernadette – she truly has healing hands. Her work on my Tech Neck, runners knees (deep tissue massage ) and general health rebalancing (reflexology) has been truly amazing with great results. Professional but caring, intuitive and highly knowledgeable I am delighted to have her skills as part of my well being tool kit. As always thanks for your help Bernadette I am more than happy to recommend Healing Hands”"
- Bernie, Newbridge
<span>, Kildare</span>
"Best decision of 2023 was to engage with local reflexology practitioner- Bernadette. Having a very busy and stressful work and family life, the calming and caring hands of Bernadette has allowed me to deal better with everyday ups and downs. Helping with dizzy spells and some aches and pains , but more so, bringing a calmness and balance to my thoughts and actions. I highly recommend Bernadette and the practice of reflexology to bring an hour of self care and balance to our busy lives. I look forward to every treatment to de-stress and relax in such warm and cosy treatment room.”"
- Yvonne, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"Ever since I can remember, I have always been a spiritual person. I have always focused on personal development and achieving my goals. I had heard about sound therapy for a long time but never had the opportunity to try this therapy until my good friend Bernadette Doyle, Healing hands health and wellness clinic, Newbridge started practicing this therapy. I decided to give it a try and my expectations exceeded everything. First of all, I almost immediately fell into a state of deep relaxation, which made me feel blissful and soothed. I didn’t think about my problems, I just moved into a world full of beautiful experiences. The music ran through my whole body and it helped me follow my inner voice. I felt amazing to the point that at one end I shed a tear of happiness because what I saw with my inner eyes was amazing and real. After this experience, I felt really stronger and full of energy to meet my challenges and follow my dreams. Almost immediately, because on the second day after my second visit, everything began to change and so did my family change as well! It’s like magic! Every day we struggle with more and more difficult situations and it seems impossible to completely cut off ourselves from everyday life. Moments like that are so crucial. Such sound therapy is like moving into a different world, the one we want to exist on a daily basis. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for more meaningful things that can help in our lives. All the best to everyone."
- Kasia, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"In the last year I received a diagnosis of cancer and I automatically turned to Bernadette and her Healing Hands Clinic for support. I completed 3 sessions of Reflexology before I began Chemotherapy and I found this to be very beneficial preparation to cope with both the mental and physical effects of dealing with the disease. Currently I am undertaking Reflexology to help with healing post my Hospital Treatment. I find Bernadette a font of information and a wonderful Practitioner of the Integrative Medicine Approach  and its benefits for health. Her knowledge and skills have aided my healing and has complemented my Hospital Treatment Plan. Healing Hands Clinic is a very calm, restful environment. I cannot thank Bernadette enough for her professional expertise and encouragement during this time."
- Angela, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"I can’t say enough about Bernadette! She has an amazing amount of knowledge from a vast variety of disciplines. Her premises is humble, professional and welcoming, She makes you feel right at home and at ease and gets straight to work. She doesn’t have to ask many questions. She feels out the problem and gets straight to the root of it. A few minutes in and I was already so impressed how she knew how to treat my complex pain condition and even more impressed at how she worked on it and helped other side effects I suffer. She is a Wellness guru in all but name. Healing hands is the most appropriate name possible. I look forward to seeing her weekly and could not reccomened her more. Incredible person."
- Mark D, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"Bernadette provides an incredible reflexology service. She is friendly, calming, as well as very professional. I was in my third trimester of my first pregnancy when I attended Bernadette and my only regret is that I didn’t start sooner. Reflexology helped me both physically and emotionally. The treatments were extremely relaxing and I always felt like a new person after them. I felt more empowered and prepared for my labour as a result of the sessions and considered them an essential part of my labour preparation. I’m sure many people may be apprehensive of attending a 1:1 session when pregnant but I was immediately put at ease by Bernadette’s strict COVID protocols (including pre-screening and temperature checks). Postpartum, the sessions rebalanced me and assisted with decreasing my fluid retention. I would recommend Bernadette to everyone but if you are pregnant, then I would strongly encourage you to book a session and continue right up until your due date!"
- Deirdre, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"I had been suffering from the sensation of having a blocked nose that got worse on any physical exertion. This affected my breathing making it difficult to breathe while exercising. This was very frustrating as I love all sports and keeping fit.

I went to several doctors over many months trying to resolve the issue with no results.

I started going to Bernadette and despite the restrictions, I always felt very safe with the covid regulations Bernadette had in place.She was very professional and made me feel at ease from the start.Bernadette treated me with expertise and professionalism.

My symptoms started to improve after two treatments. When I took a break from treatment for a month my symptoms started to get worse again.I returned to Bernadette and after one treatment I could feel my symptoms improving again.

I would highly recommend Bernadette.I can’t believe the difference she has made to me and my symptoms.Thanks Bernadette for all your help."

- Jack, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"I had a serious lower back injury last year and I had been to see many physiotherapists to help me get back to work pain free but was to be disappointed by the lack of results especially because my back strength and mobility suffered so much and no one seem to be able to help me. Then my sister recommended I go see Bernadette and try reflexology to see if it might help. If I am honest I had doubts about how this could help me but I was willing to try anything and I am now very grateful I did go. The first thing I noticed after the hour long session of complete relaxation was how incredibly stressed I was before the session, I felt like a ton of weights had been lifted from my shoulders and then after a couple of days the physical benefits became very evident. Not only was my back pain greatly reduced but I had regained a lot of mobility and strength in my back which has only increased with each session. Even without the physical benefits the reflexology session is worth it alone just for the stress relief that it gives and relaxation that takes over during the session. I highly recommend Bernadette, she is completely professional and makes you feel completely at ease as she asks about your medical problems. Healing hands could not be a better name for her business and I will be booking my reflexology appointments for a long time to come."
- Paul, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"Bernadette is an incredible hardworking reflexologist. And as incredulous as it sounds, Bernadette can find and resolve a myriad of issues and blockages solely by working on the feet. I walk into Bernadette’s clinic in pain, tired and stressed and bounce out. No chit chat during the treatment, just pure relaxation and a reminder to drink lots of water."
- Ger, Kildare
<span>, Kildare</span>
"I have attended Bernadette for 2 different types of treatment for 2 completely different ailments. The first treatment was Lymph Drainage Reflexology which was very beneficial & treated my complaint of a cyst perfectly.

The other treatment was Deep Tissue Massage with Infrared Heat for a shoulder injury. I had been suffering for month’s with a shoulder injury & had tried a few treatments but nothing seemed to relieve it. I was quite sore for the 1st few days after my treatment with Bernadette but that was to be expected as I had acute damage. After about a week the pain was gone & I was more free to move my shoulder – dressing, driving, even walking was painful but thankfully now it’s getting back to normal. I plan on having the same treatment again in a few week’s time.

I would highly recommend Bernadette for her expertise & knowledge. She can adapt any treatment to suit the person & the ailment. And is happy to discuss everything in advance."

- Sinead, Kildare
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"Gosh where to start with this amazing lady.. When I visited Bernadette back in December for pregnancy reflexology I was a wreck both physically and mentally. From just working on my feet she could tell what was happening in my body and mind. She could take away all physical pain and clear my mind ( which sometimes I felt she could read) . She could alter each treatment to concentrate and conquer on the particular ailment on each visit.. Fast forward to now and I am currently nursing my 3 day old baby as I write this. Bernadette could tell me when the baby would be born and reassure me about the labour etc.. Again she was right. I think she may actually be magic.. This lady is beautiful inside and out and has an unbelievable energy.. Thank you Bernadette"
- Sinead, Newbridge
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"Dear Bernadette, I am writing to you with the wonderful news that our beautiful baby girl was born happy and well in February this year. She is so precious, and we are in love with her. I would like to thank you with all my heart for all your lovely care and support. I am absolutely certain that your incredibly relaxing reflexology and your kind, caring nature played a huge role in preparing me both physically and emotionally for a healthy pregnancy and birth. You truly do have “healing hands”. Wishing you all the best always."
- Laura, Newbridge
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I have been to Bernadette for ear candling treatments on a few occasions. I’ve suffered with ear and throat problems for a few years. I have tried ear candling in many other treatment centre’s but she is the best by far. Her treatment just work’s better and is more effective. She always makes me feel completely relaxed and at ease. I really enjoy the process and most importantly I feel the effect of the treatment for months after. I highly recommended Bernadette. -Ross"
- Ross, Newbridge
<span>, Kilcullen</span>
"Handwritten testimonial To whom it may concern, I have attended Healing Hands Clinic, Newbridge, which is run by Bernadette Doyle on three occasions to date. I am an 82 year old female suffering from “restless leg syndrome” and decided to try Reflexology. I have found Bernadette very helpful and knowledgeable. She is very quick to put patients at ease. Her clinic is very clean and has all facilities i.e. toilets and shower. Her treatment rooms and reception are very tastefully decorated and a pleasant environment in which to have your treatments. She at no time makes you feel you are under pressure to make return appointments. After my initial visit Bernadette contacted me to check I was Ok after it and reassure me. She also texts you to remind you of future appointments booked. I would not hesitate to recommend Bernadette and Healing Hands Clinic to anyone. Evelyn, Kilcullen.

- Evelyn, Kilcullen
<span>, Naas</span>
"All six adults in our family have attended Bernadette’s clinic for several years now and we will undoubtedly continue to do so. We often use her vouchers as Birthday and Christmas presents (always brings a smile to the face of the recipient). Reflexology and deep tissue massage are the therapies we use most. The latter is particularly beneficial to me, I sit at a desk for many hours each day so my back can become quite stiff. However it really loosens up incredibly well after a massage session. Service is always excellent, just last week I bought a present of a voucher (through hhandsclinic.ie) at 10pm the night before my daughters birthday. I was pleasantly surprised when the voucher arrived an hour later. Bernadette was on the ball as always. Dermot"
- Dermot, Naas
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"Having suffered for many years with old sports injuries to my shoulder and lower back and having tried physio and manipulation, I reluctantly tried “HEALING HANDS” CLINIC, Newbridge. Bernadette Doyle introduced me to deep tissue manipulation and explained fully the treatment. I was skeptical but agreed a kind of last ditch attempt. From the first moment I was treated with expertise and professionalism, given a full explanation and treated in a holistic manner. The results were excellent and I would heartily endorse” Healing Hands” and the best testimony I can give is that I will return if further treatment is needed and would highly recommend this form of therapy to both family and friends. PAUL"
- Paul, Newbridge
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I would highly recommend reflexology with Healing hands for pregnancy. I did three reflexology sessions with Bernadette towards the end of my pregnancy. I found them very relaxing, especially since Bernadette insists on not speaking during the session so you can really benefit from them. I found they helped with my stress levels coming up to the end of my time in work. My back was sore from sitting at my desk and training in my replacement and I found the reflexology helped with that too. I believe it also helped with my labour. Th time from breaking my waters to induction and delivery only took 3 & 1/4 hours. I had a very straightforward delivery with only gas and air and my recovery has been quick. I did skin to skin straight after delivery and was able to breastfeed my baby within an hour of labour. This meant I am still breastfeeding 6 weeks on. I would definitely get reflexology if I were to become pregnant again. Thanks, Amanda"
- Amanda, Newbridge
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"Testimonial for Bernadette Doyle Healing Hands 12 Feb 18 – I have been receiving regular reflexology treatments from Bernadette and will continue to do so. She has the wonderful capacity to get you to plug out and allow the mind to relax in an atmosphere of calmness and silence. I always feel immensely refreshed after the treatment which significantly improves my quality of life. Her professional knowledge and clinical diagnosis is most impressive. I highly recommend Bernadette, Con"
- Con, Newbridge
<span>, Kildare</span>
"I have an 8 yr old with an intellectual disability who also has a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He has been attending Bernadette frequently since September 2017 for reflexology treatments. He has not been sick once since attending Bernadette. I feel the treatment boosted his immune system. He has escaped all coughs colds tummy bugs that’s circulating. Overall I feel I have a healthier happier calmer little boy. Thank you Bernadette. MK"
- MK, Kildare
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I attended Bernadette’s clinic during my third pregnancy for Reflexology. After two previous difficult labours I was hoping to achieve a drug-free natural labour with my third child. The Reflexology treatments were amazing. I was so relaxed after each treatment and felt the benefits immediately. I had a safe, natural delivery and I really believe that the reflexology treatments helped both me and my happy healthy baby greatly! I would definitely recommend Bernadette to any pregnant ladies wishing to avail of Reflexology. Best Wishes, Martha"
- Martha, Newbridge
<span>, Monasterevin</span>
"I would highly recommend Bernadette, always feel so comfortable there and am very confident in her treatment skills. Had an ear candling session a while ago and found it very relaxing and it really helped clear that full feeling in my head. Will definitely be back for another one Regards Caroline"
- Caroline, Monasterevin
<span>, Kildare</span>
"I highly recommend Bernadette for pregnancy reflexology and reflexology and strongly believe in its benefits both during and post pregnancy. Bernadette is so professional and truly talented at her job. I went once a month for pregnancy reflexology from 12 weeks right up to the end of my three pregnancies.I really looked forward to these sessions where I could totally relax and switch off and to top it off get a great sleep that night.I had trouble free pregnancies, short labours, quick recoveries and placid babies – without a doubt I feel this was all aided by my regular sessions with Bernadette."
- Martha, Kildare
<span>, Naas</span>
"Senan is 5 months, (exclusively breastfed) he never fed or settled well and always seemed constipated. Post feed he would take age to wind and then 45 mins to hour after he would be writhing again, back arched and straining. We did a session with Bernadette. She took me through the process so I could continue at home. The improvement was immediate and a few weeks on he is now so much better; feeding longer, more frequent dirty nappies and getting longer sleep stretches. My other son 21 months is very high energy and bed time is a battle, Bernadette taught me a relaxation technique that I use on him and it’s so effective, he literally melts into the couch when I do it and bed time is so much more peaceful! Thank you Niamh"
- Niamh, Naas
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I would highly recommend Bernadette. I have gone to Bernadette for reflexology during pregnancy and afterwards. She really is brilliant at what she does. It really helped me prepare for labour and I really felt the benefits of all the reflexology sessions. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bernadette. Very professional and an absolutely lovely person."
- Karen, Newbridge
<span>, Kildare</span>
"I had significant discomfort in my neck & shoulders which was interfering with my mobility & my sleep. A friend recommended Bernadette. She has worked wonders! After a few sessions of deep tissue massage I am sleeping all night with no pain or discomfort in my neck & shoulders & a big increase in my mobility. I cannot recommend Healing Hands Clinic highly enough."
- Mary, Kildare
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"Healing hands and especially Bernadette has been a wonderful find for me. I feel confident in any treatment I receive from her and it feels so safe to be in her caring and indeed healing hands. I have sent family members and several friends to her and they have been completely happy with her treatment of them also. I recommend and thank Bernadette without hesitation."
- Anne, Newbridge
<span>, Kildare</span>
"On my first pregnancy I had SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) resulting in severe pain and the use of crutches. I’m now in the third trimester of my second pregnancy and while I’ve been going to physio since I was 12 weeks pregnant the SPD still returned, and so I started reflexology at 27 weeks pregnant on the recommendation of friends. I thought if nothing else reflexology would be a nice foot rub. However, reflexology with Bernadette is so much more and I am now a total convert. I think reflexology with Bernadette has been the main factor in helping me have a healthy, relatively pain free and relaxed pregnancy this time. Please God, it will continue."
- Veronica, Kildare
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I cannot think of a more apt name than Healing Hands for Bernadette Doyle!! She has an amazing way of working away pain through the expert use of her wonderful hands. Her hands knead away pain in the gentlest way. When I first visited Bernadette I was literally bent over with muscle spasm and back pain but her hands worked wonders and I was standing straight when the session finished and pain free. I have no hesitation in recommending a visit to Bernadette."
- Anne Mc, Newbridge
<span>, Tullamore</span>
"Two months ago I started a course of reflexology treatments with Bernadette. There are a number of things that have impressed me about Bernadette. Her professional approach stands out, her consultation was restricted to questions about my medical history only, the silence during the treatment allowed my mind time to relax and benefit from the treatment and her ability to instill calm and relieve the effects of stress have greatly improved my quality of life. She uncovered a health issue which is being treated and she is working on relieving the stiffness in my lower back. Her professional knowledge is staggering. I would highly recommend a visit to Bernadette. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel."
- Colette, Tullamore
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"Approx 16 years ago, I decided to finally tackle a long-term problem with my neck and shoulders. Almost all my life, I have suffered with pain and stiffness in neck and shoulders due mainly to my occupation which involved long periods sitting at a desk with poor posture. I was reasonably active and tried various exercise regimes to counteract this occupational hazard. Most remedies worked for a while but the problem persisted. My sister had been to Bernadette for reflexology and suggested that it might be worth a try. On my first appointment, Bernadette conducted a very in-depth consultation after which she recommended a course of massage followed by several reflexology treatments. I couldn’t believe the improvement after the first few sessions. What impressed me most was that, in addition to the significant improvement in the physical problems, my stress levels were vastly reduced due to the relaxation benefits of the reflexology. Over the intervening years, I have continued attending Bernadette for reflexology on an ongoing basis, mainly for relaxation and stress reduction. Occasionally, the neck and shoulder pain flares up and she changes the routine to massage for a time and then back to the reflexology. I find that the combination therapy works really well for me. Personally, I have absolutely no doubt as to the general health benefits of reflexology therapy. In my opinion Bernadette is the most caring and professional practitioner I have encountered, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone."
- Angela, Newbridge
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I have been attending the Healing Hands Complementary Medicine Clinic since 2009. I have found the level of care I have received to be excellent. Bernadette Doyle is highly skilled, vastly experienced, widely trained and above all, she delivers results. Her professional yet personal approach inspires confidence and warmth. The range of therapies I have availed of include: reflexology, maternity reflexology, deep tissue massage, maternity massage, hot stone massage and lymphatic drainage massage for the treatment of sinus problems. All of the above have relieved pain, reduced anxiety and promoted relaxation. I learned of Bernadette’s skills through recommendations from others and similarly I have no hesitation in recommending The Healing Hands Complementary Medicine Clinic to all."
- Rachel, Newbridge
<span>, Calverstown</span>
"Reflexology with Bernadette during my pregnancy has really helped reduce morning sickness/nausea and relieve lower back pain. I would highly recommend visiting Bernadette during your pregnancy."
- Gillian, Calverstown
<span>, CEO Dublin</span>
"I and indeed all of my family have attended reflexology and massage at Healing Hands with Bernadette Doyle over the last number of years on and off. Bernadette has treated me for such things as sports injuries, work-related stress and physical illnesses. She is a relaxed and calm professional and has provided me with a top-class service for nearly ten years now. The results I have had from her treatment are nothing short of spectacular. I would highly recommend Bernadette to anyone needing special care and attention."
- George, CEO Dublin
<span>, Naas</span>
"I’ve attended Bernadette for Sports Massage, Thai Massage and Reflexology. The first thing I said to her after my first treatment was that she has incredible hands. I couldn’t believe she was only using her hands to achieve the effects she achieved. They are incredibly strong and definitely healing. She’s very astute, great at picking up what the issue is, and excellent at treating it. One of the things that brings me back to Bernadette is that she is skilled in a range of therapies and she will suggest the most suitable one or a combination of several depending on what the problem is. Her Thai Massage has to be experienced to be believed. I am determined to have one every month – a total treat for the body."
- Eilish, Naas
<span>, Naas</span>
"I have known Bernadette for over 20 years. She is highly professional in her approach to the magnificent integrative work she does in helping her clients to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. My health and well being have benefited enormously at different stages over the years through Bernadette’s use of reflexology, deep tissue massage, Reiki etc. I highly recommend Bernadette as a hands-on healing therapist."
- Teresa, Naas
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I was introduced to Bernadette Doyle while I was training for the Galway Half Ironman. I was training quite hard at the time and I would go to Bernadette at least once a month for massage and it kept me injury free for the event. If I had a tightness or a small niggle Bernadette would rub it out. When I completed Galway I came away injury free and very strong. I trained for my first marathon in Dublin and again Bernadette did great work, I ran and completed the marathon injury free. In 2012 I trained for Ironman Frankfurt and kept up my massage with Bernadette to sort any tightness or pain I had in my legs and shoulders. I completed Ironman Frankfurt and didn’t have any aches or pains after it. I went back to Bernadette for a full massage after I got home and felt in really good shape. I went on to complete another Dublin marathon injury free. 2013 I went on then to take part in my first ultra marathon in Connemara and continued with my visits to Bernadette while training. I took part in 3 marathons & 2 triathlons all with the help of Bernadette. I can highly recommend Bernadette for massage and advice on staying injury free."
- Fran, Newbridge
<span>, Clane</span>
"I have been a client of Bernadette Doyle (Healing Hands) for about 15 years now. I go once a month and I find the treatments so relaxing and it keeps my body and mind in great shape. She is excellent at her job and gives it 100% each time, nothing is ever a problem. I would definitely recommend Bernadette of Healing Hands because she does such a great range of treatments for all ailments."
- Rene, Clane
<span>, Ashley Lodge Nursing Home, Kildare</span>
"Bernadette Doyle has been attending our residents here in Ashley Lodge Nursing Home for the past 6 years. Our residents look forward to her visits each week where she does both one on one sessions with some and group sessions with others according to their individual needs. The feedback has been extremely satisfactory and a thoroughly enjoyable experience each time. Bernadette is a gentle and patient person with a kind word and an open ear for all. She is a very dedicated lady and I recommend her Complementary therapies to anyone who requires them."
- Sabrina, Ashley Lodge Nursing Home, Kildare
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I have attended Bernadette for both Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology. I have found Bernadette to be highly skilled and very professional. I attended Bernadette for Pregnancy Reflexology from 6 weeks to 40 weeks. I found Reflexology during my pregnancy very beneficial, it help greatly with my severe morning sickness and also with my stress levels as I am self employed and am constantly on the go. The pregnancy Reflexology sessions gave me an opportunity to relax and bond with my baby. I also attended Bernadette for post natal Reflexology and found it to be very beneficial for helping re-balance my hormones and helping with the stress of a newborn. I would highly recommend Bernadette for both Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology."
- Christina, Newbridge
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I’ve been suffering from Sciatica Pain and heard about Bernadette and her clinic and decided to try it out. I found her to be very professional and helpful. The difference is amazing and only now needs a maintenance every few months. Highly recommend"
- John, Newbridge
<span>, Newbridge</span>
"I recently suffered from an acute bout of Sciatica, leaving me in severe pain and having to take painkillers. From my first visit to Bernadette I began to see immediate progress and within a few sessions I was completely pain­ free and back to normal, so I would highly recommend Bernadette and Healing Hands."
- Marie, Newbridge
<span>, Kilcullen 24.09.2020</span>
"My 17 month old daughter has trouble managing her emotions, self soothing and has numerous tantrums daily not to mention the high level of energy and the fact she does not need to nap. After trying every routine and approach out there with nothing working I decided to contact Bernadette at healing hands for reflexology, not sure what to expect but knowing there is no quick fix we attended an appointment. Bernadette was friendly and the atmosphere in the room was so calming my baby feel asleep almost as soon as we walked through the door. She slept soundly the entire 40 minutes of treatment which was a shock in itself. The following morning is when we really noticed the change. My baby was so calm and content in herself and in her own company, the change in her behavior was so noticeable it was almost unbelievable. I would highly recommend Bernadette for reflexology she has an amazing way of putting your anxiety at ease and making even young children feel relaxed in her company."
- Amie, Kilcullen 24.09.2020
<span>, Kilcullen</span>
"I have been attending Bernadette for the past year as she has been helping me with issues related to my arthritis. She listens in detail to what the problem is and works her magic to solve it. Thankfully I have never left where an improvement was not felt. When treating, she explains what she believes is happening and what may cause the issue. This makes the sessions interesting and informative. Bernadette is bubbly and charismatic and has a ‘mind full of knowledge’ that she is eager to share. She is professional and it is evident that she has a huge passion for the human body and the work that she carries out.

I needed her assistance recently and having three autoimmune conditions I was very apprehensive about leaving the safety of my home due to COVID. Bernadette reassured me that she is following all safety regulations and when I arrived, I never felt safer. She spoke to me about what she did in advance of my arrival and during my treatment. This made me feel safe. She also ensures that there is time between appointments to sanitize and to avoid her clients crossing paths. She has thought of everything. I can confirm that she is practising in a safe manner.

I would highly recommend attending her practise as she is exceptional at what she does."

- Nicola, Kilcullen