On-Site Massage

Regular On-Site Massage is Good for Business

On-Site Massage in Kildare On-Site Massage in Kildare On-Site Massage in Kildare



  • Regular on-site massage can boost the body’s immune system leading to a reduction in absenteeism – colds and flus are less likely to spread, for example
  • By reducing tension among staff, on-site massage can lead to fewer disagreements
  • It shows staff members that management cares for their well-being and values them, which in turn improves morale
  • Improving morale improves productivity
  • Arranging for on-site massage at peak times helps staff get through particularly busy or stressful periods for the business

On-Site Massage – How it works

I set up my specially designed massage chair for the day in a quiet place at your workplace and your staff members book in for a 15-minute massage. It is a dry massage (no oils) and the client is fully clothed, making it very convenient. The effects are incredible! Feelings of stress reduce and participants feel less tired.

  • Endorphins are released, improving mood
  • Participants feel calmer, yet revived
  • Tight muscles relax; blood pressure falls and breathing slows
  • Massage loosens knots, reducing pain

Repetitive Strain Injury symptoms associated with desk-working are eased through head, neck, shoulder massage

Ways to Incorporate On-Site Massage

  • Regular on-site mini treatments e.g. one day a month
  • Part of a wellness week or wellness day
  • Part of a charity day – staff make a donation to a charity for their massage
  • During a busy period, on-site massage can help staff keep their sanity and cope with the extra work
  • Once-off taster sessions of reflexology, deep tissue massage and Indian head massage to encourage staff to get complementary therapy in their own time

To arrange on-site massage at your place of work, call me on 086 3893413 or email me on info@hhandsclinic.ie


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Don’t hesitate to contact me on 086 3893413 if you would like more information or if you would like to arrange an appointment.