How can reflexology help me to conceive?

How can reflexology help me to conceive?

It feels like women are finding it harder to conceive these days. I am certainly seeing a lot more clients coming to me with this frustrating and emotionally draining issue. I’m not sure exactly why that is. I read recently that Irish women are the oldest first-time mothers in Europe at nearly 29 years old and that we have the highest proportion of first-time mums in their 40s. From our mid-30s onwards, the quality of our eggs is in sharp decline.

Of course difficulty conceiving can be an issue for women of any age and there are lots of other factors.

I feel that the stressful and hectic lives we live today must be having some kind of impact. Stress is certainly a block to the way that our internal energy flows through the body. It doesn’t take a huge leap to see that blocked or stagnant energy flows may well be making conception more difficult.

That’s why I am an advocate of complementary therapies.  Reflexology in particular is all about rebalancing the body’s internal energy.

Reflexology is an incredible treatment, which promotes homeostasis – the physiological equilibrium between interdependent elements – by working on the feet.

A chance to reset

At its most basic, a reflexology session is a chance to close the doors on life for an hour, to rest and switch off. We rarely switch off completely these days. The therapy room is a place of refuge. By having a therapy we are giving the body the space and time to find its own internal harmony again. Then add a nurturing treatment like reflexology and the body has a chance to reset itself.

It can be a deeply relaxing experience and there is a real value in that, but reflexology is a powerful practice. By working on points related to the reproductive system, the endocrine system which is producing those essential hormones, and the nervous system, a reflexologist who is trained in fertility reflexology can press the right buttons so to speak, to make sure your body resets itself.

When everything is in harmony, your chances of conceiving will be that bit higher.

How will I feel afterwards?

You might feel energised, able to see things clearly, relaxed and unburdened. When trying to conceive is all you think about, this feeling post-reflexology is really valuable. Occasionally, people feel nauseous, anxious or tearful, but this is only temporary and is considered to be part of the healing process. To get the most out of your treatment you should try to take it easy afterwards and drink plenty of water, which helps flush out toxins.

And (thinking positively) when you do get pregnant, reflexology eases many of the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy. In my experience, clients of mine who have had reflexology during pregnancy have easier births with quicker recovery, and their babies tend to be more placid than those who don’t. It is also helpful after the birth of your child, easing post-partum depression, anxiety, urination and bowel movements.


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